精舞門 VS I Wanna Know

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精舞門(Ot:James Dean/I Wanna Know)
作詞:Daniel Bedingfield/中文詞:陳鎮川 作曲:Daniel Bedingfield

預備起 行頭全部要帶齊 點名 準備 跟我上街去遊行
Body 今天要證明 什麼舞通通都搞得定 跌爛你眼鏡
小老弟 年輕耍酷那一丁點本領 洗耳恭聽 快卯起來學習
大發善心 收徒弟 想要學習皮要繃緊 要跟我跟緊

*I wanna know 你行不行
You gonna know 別懷疑你自己的本領
You gonna know 我是冠軍
You gonna know We gotta to show

#我有一條特別了不起的神經 越跳越帶勁
無師自通任督二脈暢通無比 十八般武藝

拎拎 聽說你想要報名 考慮 有沒有那根筋 我看一眼就搞定
凡事都要照規定 精舞門裡什麼都ㄍ一ㄥ 不浪得虛名
不能亂吃冰淇淋 矇眼睛 對待所有的敵人 都尊敬
大半夜上床戴耳機 節奏當催眠的聲音 作夢都不停

Repeat *,*,# *

I wanna know 你行不行
You gonna know 別懷疑你自己的本領
We wanna know 誰是冠軍
We gonna know We gotta to show

we are the world


“James Dean (I Wanna Know)”

I could be james Dean of the Music scene
I could be a big star like that man called Queen
I could have fly moves, be a dancefloor dream
But If she can’t seem to notice me
Then what’s it worth now

Could have my teeth flashing a Brad Pit smile
Be wearing Versace ’cause that’s my style
Could have my hair cut by the extra mile
But if she can’t make it worth my while
Then what’s the point now

I wanna know if you虐e busy
I wanna know if you’re doing anything tonight
I wanna know if you missed me
I wanna know baby
I wanna know
I wanna know

I wish that I could kiss your lips
The way that I
I want to baby
I wish that I could be your man
I wish that you could be my lady

I could be sly stone of the family crew
I could be big Bad Daddy Warbucks
And love you to
I could be knocked senseless by what you do
But if it’s pain that you put me through
It isn’t love now
I made up my own darn mind
I’m getting no love after all this time
I’m gonna make music till my brain is fried
Because you can’t see the man inside

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